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Silly Season 2016: On the Mark?

If, as has been said, “Nonsense is nonsense, but the history of nonsense is scholarship,” Campaign 2016 is certainly one for the books.  Who better to decipher what's been going on than a panel of experts and America’s best-known author and prophet, Mark Twain?   

Feature: Chasing the Last Laugh: Mark Twain’s Raucous and Redemptive Round-the-World Comedy Tour, Richard Zacks, author         
Guests:  panel and "Mark Twain" himself​.
About WJFF: Radio Catskill

Rural, educational, non-commercial radio station WJFF started broadcasting in 1990 in Jeffersonville, NY, two hours north of New York City. The station serves the Sullivan County Catskills area of upstate NY and the Delaware River valley northeastern PA. WJFF provides a forum for the many diverse communities within its listening area, preserving and transmitting their cultural heritage while also connecting them to the wider world of news and information.

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SHOW #5   
World Peace and Other Fourth Grade Achievements 

For more than twenty years, John Hunter - a fourth-grade teacher in the Charlottesville, Virginia - has been taking his students on an extraordinary educational journey that has brought the children to the Pentagon, as guests, and - via Hunter's masterful TED TALK - created an international phenomenon.

Features:  World Peace and Other Fourth Grade Achievements, book by John Hunter; film by Chris Farina, Rosalia Films.  

Guests: the filmmakers, teachers and students
Power, Propaganda, and the Politics of Expectations 

In what has been long anticipated, politically, as the Year of the Woman – a logical and necessary successor to the elections of America’s first African American president – what we have, instead, is a maelstrom of backlash brought on by the Revenge of the Angry White Male.  In its wake, strange bedfellows on both sides have kicked off the covers of states red and blue. From this conflict, a purple civil war is being fought in eleven battleground states – each with murky credentials on race, gender, and social justice. Which way America?

Features:  Demographics & Isms

Guests: panel of journalists, scholars, analysts
As Americans, we've long promised ourselves an honest conversation on race.  "JANUS ADAMS," the new weekly public radio show and podcast, is that conversation -- with a difference.  

It's not about answers; 
it's about questions. 

In these times when, as Nobel laureate William Faulkner wrote, “The past is not dead and gone; it is not even past” . . . 
JANUS ADAMS is a show about race – every race – and courage.

What is this thing called race?
Why does it so define and dominate us – whether we are aware of it or not?
What does race add to our understanding of the world and what does it take away? 
Can we please talk about something else?


JANUS ADAMS talks about what really matters in all over lives: our journeys to 'History, Heritage, Hope, and Home.'TM 

Dr. Janus Adams -- Emmy Award-winning journalist, former NPR National Arts Correspondent and commentator, bestselling author -- is host.

Matt Mixon -- Emmy Award-winning producer; former Director of Programming, Sales, and Affiliate Relations for Post-Newsweek, Clear Channel, and CBS -- is co-producer.  

In interviews and audio journeys across deep demographic minefields, JANUS ADAMS brings listeners the voices of public figures we want to know better and everyday people from whom we hear too little. JANUS ADAMS mines for the new ideas, varied perspectives -- sometimes difficult and disturbing; always thoughtful and reasoned --we simply need to hear.

Engage the past, enrich the present, as JANUS ADAMS takes us on a journey from history to healing . . .  and beyond.​

*   *   *   *   * 

​​​Available to public radio stations nationwide: 

October 1, 2016. 

On-air and live stream: Saturdays at 4:00 pm.

Program length: 1 hour

Produced at: WJFF-FM 

Distributed by: (the Public Radio Exchange, PRX)

Podcasts available to global audiences via SoundCloud  

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Jason Dole
Program Director, WJFF

A writer, photographer, performer, and radio producer, Jason Dole has been making community-oriented media for more than 16 years. At WJFF, he founded the Youth Radio Project in 2002 and began serving as Program Director in 2014.
​​Janus Adams
Host & Co-Executive Producer

WATCH Janus speaks about the show, its' name and hers.

Emmy Award-winning journalist, historian, and publisher, Dr. Janus Adams is the author of eleven books.  An entrepreneur, she is the founder of BackPax, a children’s publishing company; and Harambee, the first national book club for African American literature and culture, which changed the publishing landscape for authors and audiences.

NPR’s first National Arts Correspondent, a news commentator and pioneer of issue-oriented Black and women’s programming, she has hosted her own radio and television talk shows for more than ten years.


SHOW #3   
The Place for Which Our Fathers Sighed  

Yet with a steady beat,
Have not our weary feet,
Come to the place for which our fathers sighed?

from “Lift Ev’ry Voice,” the National Black Anthem.

On September 24, 2016, the National Museum of African American History & Culture opens almost 101 years to the day since it was first proposed by the last surviving Black Civil War vets – soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic. Arriving in Washington for a fiftieth anniversary grand parade commemorating their Union victory, they were vehemently met by the bigotry of their government and their peers.  In response, they called for a national memorial to African American achievement.  Now, at last, their “new” museum a century old marks a history four centuries in the making.  Building the building: a story in itself. 

The long march from 1915 to the newest jewel in the Smithsonian crown; an audio journey.  The vision: Dr. Lonnie Bunch III, Executive Director.  The building: Tanzanian-born British architect, David Adjaye.  The collection: gifts donated by people the world over.  The tribute: opening remarks by President Barack Obama.​​
SHOW #2   
October 12, 1492: Day the Known World Ended 
It’s the best known story we know so little about: "Columbus discovered America." How the quest of an African prince unleashed the era of European colonization and forever changed the known world.

Features:  Columbus’ Log Book; Papal Bulls (@1411 – 1450); indigenous music of each continent and culture         

Guests:   panel of African, Asian, Caribbean, European, Native American historians; actor/narrators (reading original documents)
Matt Mixon 
Co-Executive Producer

President of the Mixon Media Group, Matthew L. Mixon has over 45 years of media experience in television production, broadcast network management, and affiliate development: Director of Programming (Post-Newsweek Television Stations); Director of Sales (Clear Channel Television); Director of Affiliate Relations (CBS Television Network); Vice President, U.S. Syndication (Passport Entertainment and Allied Media Partners); launch team executive (Soul of The South Television).  Throughout his career Matt’s programs have won multiple national and regional Emmy Awards.
SHOW #4   
Working the Land

Farmers on pride, purpose, politics, and hanging on by your fingernails. The resurgence of family farming in upstate New York, catfish farming on the bayous of Louisiana, a northern city dweller remembers the Mississippi farm of his youth, urban gardening in Wisconsin, a farm collective in Virginia that's on a mission to grow herbs that heal the wounds of history.  It's harvest time.

Features: a tractor parade; film, "The Changing Face of Agriculture"

Guests: farm owners and workers, Mid-Atlantic Wellbeing - Diaspora Herbs Initiative,