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On the first anniversary of the historic Women’s March, as people worldwide again took to the streets to protest the Trump presidency and ongoing affronts to human rights, it’s a brand new day.  People (women, especially) who never before thought of getting into politics are taking action.  They’re gearing up to run for office: Running For Their Lives – And Ours!

Our guest on the show this week is a woman who’s done it herself – twice! –narrowly missing a seat on the New York City Council: EDE FOX.  In this first-hand “sausage-making” view of campaigning, she takes us behind the scenes of running for office, talks about why more of us need to run, and tells how YOU can do it, too!

"I decided to change the things I couldn't accept anymore," says this anthropologist/scholar turned candidate. "Leadership is not a soundbite.  There are so many ways our communities are overwhelmed, overburdened, and over-taxed.  Somebody’s got to stand up and say these things and make sure we all know we have the right to have better.”

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