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Scholar, author, educator JULIAN AGYEMAN re-imagines cities for a brave new world of “Belonging and Becoming.” 

Born and trained in the United Kingdom; the career he began as a Bio-Geographer has led him to urban and environmental policy and planning.  With his vast treasure trove as author and editor of eleven books, he is as passionate as he is provocative.  How to begin our interview?  He opens with this quote from Urban Planner, Leonie Sandercock:

I dream of a city of bread and festivals, where those who don’t have the bread aren’t excluded from the carnival. I dream of a city in which action grows out of knowledge and understanding; where you haven’t got it made until you can help others to get where you are or beyond; where social justice is more prized than a balanced budget; where I have a right to my surroundings, and so do all my fellow citizens; where we don’t exist for the city but are seduced by it; where only after consultation with local folks could decisions be made about our neighbourhoods; where scarcity does not build a barb-wire fence around carefully guarded inequalities; where no one flaunts their authority and no one is without authority; where I don’t have to translate my ‘expertise’ into jargon to impress officials and confuse citizens.


Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, Tufts University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences   

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