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At a time when one-in-three Americans (more than two-in-three African Americans) are raised without a father, MaryAnne Howland wants more for her son than a statistic. She wants him to benefit from men who would relate to him in ways that she, as a woman, could not.  For his transition from boyhood to manhood, she invites four men to mentor him.  For his thirteenth birthday celebration, she creates a rite-of-passage she calls a “Black Mitzvah.”  Now, years later, her son has grown to be a thoughtful, mature young man; his mentors have become his “collective dad”; their story has become a book; and the book is becoming a movement! 

You don't have to be a father to be a dad.  And you don't have to be a boy or Black to need (and appreciate) a Black Mitzvah.

Our guest today on THE JANUS ADAMS SHOW, MaryAnne Howland: mother of Max, founder of Ibis Communications, author of the book, “WARRIOR RISING, creator of BlackMitzvah.org.



Ibis Communications

​Warrior Rising


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How Four Men Helped a Boy on His Journey to Manhood    

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