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Elle Cole, MaryAnne Howland, Irma McClaurin, Dakota Nelson, Deborah Payton-Jones 

​With all that’s going on in the world, I knew I had to do something inspired, something healing. Powered by my book, SISTER DAYS—with its "how we got ovah" messages of herstory and hope; genius and grace, truth and triumph across the ages—I invited five of my sisterfriends to join me for a Happy Mother’s Day gift of spirit.
Mothers, daughter, sisters, sistas, and sisterfriends, we took time—as women—to celebrate ourselves and our lives.  The Sister Days Mother/Daughter* Sistafest—an intergenerational conversation with audience participation—streamed LIVE for Mother’s Day Weekend on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

Like the best of times when sisterfriends gather, there was a lot to talk about with (L-R top row; bottom row):

Elle Cole:  Founder & Producer of Cleverly Changing.  She’s an author and advocate for children with sickle cell anemia.  We’ve talked way into the night about life, love, and learning.

Dakota Nelson: A recent college grad embarking on a career in digital media, she brings to this intergenerational celebration her joy in beginning, becoming and being.  wixsite @FreeWillDakota

MaryAnne Howland: Founder & CEO, Ibis Communications. An author and single mom to an artist/son with special needs, her approach to powering our children’s rise is a cultural sea-change.

Irma McClaurin: Author, Former President of Shaw University.  Some will recall national news of how she led a campus devastated by Hurricane Katrina through the eye of the storm: leadership and resilience. 

Deborah Payton-Jones: Founder & President, Voter Education 365. She retired from her career in college administration to concentrate her energies on protecting our right to vote.  LinkedIn @Deborah-Payton-Jones

And me, Janus Adams

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