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365 Inspired Moments in African-American History

Janus Adams



In seldom-celebrated stories from African-American history, there is a rich trove of daily inspiration for those who seek the strength and courage to shape their future. This is the purpose of Glory Days: 365 Inspired Moments in African-American History. Award-winning author Janus Adams provides a vibrant montage of fascinating and thought-provoking profiles that deal with the innovative spirit that has insured survival against great obstacles.

What is a Glory Day to Adams?  It is a celebration of history, heritage, and hope.

In Politics, it is the November 3, 1992 election of the first African-American woman senator, Carol Moseley-Braun.

In Law, it is January 6, opening day for Howard University's law school in 1869.

In Film, it is February 29, 1940, when Hattie McDaniel became the first African-American Oscar winner for her role in Gone With the Wind.

In Invention, it is July 12, 1872, when Elijah McCoy patented the first self-lubricating engine - the real McCoy.

Glory Days is history with a purpose and much more meaningful than who was born on a certain date. In her extensive research, Adams weighed each historical event by a number of criteria to determine its relevancy to our contemporary lives. Assessing each event, she asked the question: Does it leave us with a lesson that empowers, encourages, entertains, solves problems, draws strength from legacy and tradition or simply lifts our hopes and spirits?

Accessible in format and diverse in content enough to satisfy a wide range of interests, Glory Days explores African-American heritage across three continents and thirty-five hundred years. In one month alone -- June, for example -- Adams' Glory Days offer revelations range form Adventure, Art, Celebration, Dance, Ethics, Humor and Labor to Law, Literature, Medicine, Military, Religion and more.

​418 pages
Formats: hardcover, paperback
Publisher: HarperCollins (hardcover); Harper Perennial (paperback)