Say the word history, we think of the past.  But, history is really about the present―and the future. It's about what we value from the past that we choose to remember in the present and how that decision shapes the future.  Say the word immigration, Americans think of ourselves as “a nation of immigrants.”  With today’s pushback on immigration policies shaped by White supremacist legacies, what do we value?  What will we choose to remember?   What is our vision for the future?  What can—and must—each of us do today to ensure the well-being of a multiracial tomorrow?

Reece Jones, author of the books WHITE BORDERS and NOBODY IS PROTECTED is our guest.  A Guggenheim fellow and political geographer, he is Chair of the Department of Geography and Environment at the University of Hawaii.  

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White Borders | Nobody is Protected

Reece Jones, author  

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