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With the horrific events of recent weeks, the life-endangerments and murders of unarmed African American men by White vigilantes, dog-walkers, and police, we dedicate this show to the memories of Armaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Eric Garner. 

For this special LIVE edition of THE JANUS ADAMS SHOW we feature AMERICAN TRIAL: THE STORY OF ERIC GARNER.  This one-of-a-kind unscripted courtroom docu-drama presents the case against the NYPD Officer caught on video choking Eric Garner, who gasped “I can’t breathe” several times before dying on the sidewalk. No one was ever put on trial for his killing.  AMERICAN TRIAL was a featured documentary at the 2019 New York Film Festival.

On the show: ​Roee Messinger (Director), Ralph Richardson (Co-Executive Producers).  Special Guest: Esaw Snipes, widow of Eric Garner​​.


American Trial: The Story of Eric Garner

American Trial: (film trailer)

​​American Trial: The Eric Garner Story World Premiere Q&A at New York Film Festival

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