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For Black History Month 2019, an historic marker in tribute to an 'unknown' man was unveiled in Rochester, New York. Why?

"Who Was Austin Steward and Why Should We Care?" winds a "Path Through History" to the intersection of current events; revealing the complicated history and legacies of slavery in the American North. Three self-emancipated men--"Co-founders of Afro-Rochester"--who changed the story of America: FREDERICK DOUGLASS, THOMAS JAMES and their mentor, AUSTIN STEWARD. This show was produced in cooperation with  I Love NY

​Guest: DR. DAVID ANDERSON, PhD, a visiting scholar at Nazareth College, ​is the co-founder of Akwaaba: the Heritage Associates (which shares African American lore across the United States and Ghana) and Akwaaba Tours.  A Frederick Douglass re-enactor, he sits on the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Commission and chairs the Rochester/Monroe County Freedom Trail Commission. 

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Bust of Austin Steward, Rochester, NY

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This image hung in Dr. Anderson's room as a child.