Family Photo circa 1880s. Courtesy of Bryant Monteilh

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Nicole Franklin and Bryant Monteilh are the producers and co-hosts of an extraordinary podcast series, BEFORE YOU GO.  Lurking in the background of that title is the taboo subject of death.  But, “Before You Go” is, without question, about life. In on-site interviews, here are stories about life and living from the vantage of those who know more about the subject than most of us ever will—centenarians, people who've achieved or are nearing their 100th birthdays.  What do they have to tell us about living long and living well? A 100-year old piano teacher with her current roster of 90 students; a Negro Leagues baseball player turned NASA scientist; a Depression-era migration via a borrowed tire; and more. 

If given the opportunity, what would you want to pass on as your stories of a lifetime?  BEFORE YOU GO: stories of our people, country, society, cultural heritage; rarely revealed snapshots of America.  It's really quite a story.

​Bryant Monteilh

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