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When Confusion Reigned and Hatred Ruled

Hannibal B. Johnson on Greenwood, "Black Wall Street," & The 1921 Tulsa Riot

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On May 30, 1921, Greenwood – home to a city of Black strivers – stood tall. Two days later, it was a smoldering rubble. Confusion reigned and hatred ruled.  In what is considered the worst race riot in U.S. history, hundreds of Black men, women, and children were murdered as White marauders - backed by local government - took to the streets in rage.  In their wake, bodies strewn the streets – many decapitated, tarred and feathered, burned alive – and 10,000 people were made homeless. 

And, what does all this have to do with us today?

Hannibal Johnson--author and attorney--joins us for a conversation on "Black Wall Street" and a community's rise "Up From the Ashes."

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