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"Compared to What": Les McCann & Eddie Harris
"To see beyond the words on a page; to see images, pictures, really seeing pictures allow us to relax. It's a great relaxation tool. And it also gives you the ability to go deeper with your breath into that emotional wellspring that we have been taught to sit on to suck up. When we start breathing deeply, we start going to that place where our emotions are stored; where our emotional life is held. I keep several boxes of tissues in my office because, I tell people: this is not therapy, but it darn sure is therapeutic."
~ Denise Woods

“When I take on a role, I’m interested in the character’s whole spiritual journey... How they see themselves, or want to see themselves, all leads back to something that impacts mind, body, voice, and speech.  It’s a lot.  I don’t feel I have the capacity to do this without calling on something larger than myself.  I also call on Denise Woods.  Denise taught me how, by sitting and standing tall, holding my head up just so.... while maintaining a demeanor of utmost dignity.  Understanding my intention.  Denise helped me make all those small but necessary adjustments, stripping away the vocal distractions to enable this unique character to speak his truth."
~ Academy Award-winning actor, Mahershala Ali

We, too, call on Denise Woods for this episode of the show.  A vocal coach and voice whisperer to Hollywood’s A-List Stars, you and me; she's the author of THE POWER OF VOICE: A Guide to Making Yourself Heard.

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By Denise Woods

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The Power of Voice

Denise Woods ― voice, speech, and dialect coach

author, THE POWER OF VOICE: A Guide to Making Your Voice Heard

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