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What's happening to America?

Since the economic crash of 2008, millions who once thought themselves financially secure, have found themselves plummeting over a cliff into poverty – extreme poverty.  Some point scapegoating fingers.  Others struggle to figure it out.

Now, Elizabeth White – one among the far-too-many – tells the story in FAKING NORMAL, a book about what’s been happening to her and others in a similar predicament.  She’s telling uncomfortable truths and offering healing prescriptions for societal change.  It’s an inspiring show about making a life – even when you’re not making a living.

There’s the music of singer Abbey Lincoln and two amazing “comeback kids” whose careers took surprising upswings – Blues singer Alberta Hunter, at 82; and composer/pianist Eubie Blake at 95!

Here's a link to Elizabeth's website and her book.

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Elizabeth White on FAKING NORMAL 

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