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In these hyper-political times, what can we learn from other countries and their heads of state?  What do their stories tell us about our own?

Dr. EWART BROWN, MD is author of the memoir, “WHOM SHALL I FEAR? Pushing the Politics of Change.”   A physician turned politician; his precipitous and contentious rise elected him PREMIER of BERMUDA. 

Serving from 2006-10, his signature slogan, “Doc delivers” and progressive agenda pushed against longstanding inequities in a Caribbean nation still under British colonial rule.  From his support for Bermuda’s largest labor union and secret negotiations with President Barack Obama’s White House to provide asylum to four innocent Chinese Muslim Uighurs wrongfully detained at Guantanamo; encounters with music legend Bob Marley, Black Power! Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Toure), Rev. Al Sharpton, and the Congressional Black Caucus, to the tragedy of his sons’ incarceration.  

WHOM SHALL I FEAR?  It’s a provocative, defiant title—and mantra—for an extraordinary personal, professional, and political journey.  

Whom Shall I Fear? website 

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