David and Carley Cavins parent and co-homeschool their 9-year-old twin daughters.  Dave is a software developer.  Carley is a writer and the founder of 

School de-segregation.  School re-segregation.  Public school?  Private school?  Charter school?  Magnet school?  What about "great school?"  This week on the show: parents who've joined the ranks of more than 1.6 million families nationwide; personally educating their children for excellence.   

In Maryland, Carley and David Cavins are the parents of 9-year-old twin daughters; both parents are college- educated.  In Louisiana, Joyce Burges (a former Baker city councilwoman) and her husband, Eric (not heard on the show), are high-school educated.  What these parents have in common is their track record of educating their children for academic success and their willingness to share the wealth of what they've learned with others.  Carley Cavins is a writer and founder of Cleverly  David Cavins is a software developer.  Eric and Joyce Burges are co-founders of National Black Home Educators.  

So what are the ABCs of homeschooling?  And why are so many parents going "old school?"​​


Eric and Joyce Burges, homeschool parents and founders of NATIONAL BLACK HOME EDUCATORS are now into their second generation as homeschoolers -- educating their grandchildren.

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