It was the question that defined an era: What will you do for the rights of Black people in America? Here are the extraordinary answers of nine women, as profiled by Janet Dewart Bell, PhD, who put their lives on the line for freedom--and would not be talked or terrorized out of it. Says Janet: "These women didn’t stand on ceremony.  They accepted the risks of activism and fought for worlds where others might have freedoms that they themselves would never enjoy."

Guest: Activist, award-winning television and radio producer, and author of the book, "LIGHTING THE FIRES OF FREEDOM: African American Women in the Civil Rights Movement."

2019 NAACP Image Award nominee for Outstanding Literary Work by a Debut Author.

NINE SHEROES - profiles in courage against the odds -- and status quo:
Leah Chase, Dr. June Jackson Christmas, Kathleen Cleaver, Myrlie Evers, Aileen Hernandez,
Gay McDougall, Diane Nash, Gloria Richardson, Judy Richardson.


Contributor, The Nation: "The Selfless Servant Leadership of the African-American Women of the Civil-Rights Movement"

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DR. JANET DEWART BELL, author, LIGHTING THE FIRES OF FREEDOM:    African American Women in the Civil Rights Movement

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Gloria Richardson


Gloria Richardson, head of the Cambridge Nonviolent Action Committee, pushes aside a National Guardsman's bayonet during a demonstration in Cambridge, Maryland, on July 21, 1963 (Credit: AP Photo)

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