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Since the police murder of George Floyd, as horrified people the world have taken to the streets in protest, as #BlackLivesMatter do, there’s been a lot of said about the need for racial reckoning in America.  But what does that look like in practice? 

What happens when police do the unthinkable?  When city officials do the habitual?  When county leaders turn a blind eye and deaf ear?  When just one more person—too often a Black person—is violated not just by “one bad apple” but by a whole rotten system? 

And, what does change begin to look like when one cog in that political wheel stops its predictable roll?  When one elected official says: enough! 

Dutchess County, New York hosts “A Listening Town Hall” and gets an earful when a mother, Melissa Johnson, challenges the wrongful and malicious arrest and prosecution of her minor daughters.  Her demand: "Justice for Julissa and Jamelia."  




L-R: Melissa Johnson, William Wagstaff, Julissa Dawkins, Jamelia Barnett (photo credit: Spectrum News)


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