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This week on THE JANUS ADAMS SHOW: we're talking about money and food.  What could be better?  We're serving up heaps of food for thought with our guests, Elizabeth White -- speaker and author of "Faking Normal" -- and Marcus Guiliano -- restauranteur and author of "50 Mistakes Business Owners Make."  

We'll be airing our full interview with Elizabeth in the coming weeks.  In that show, Elizabeth speaks openly about the "slow down" in her extraordinary career, life after the financial crash of 2007-08, accepting change, and how she's rebuilding her life.  That conversation got us thinking about slowing downspeeding up, and the choices people everywhere are making to take their financial destiny into their own hands by starting businesses -- even, and perhaps especially -- during these difficult times.

Speaking of the "50 mistakes" he writes about in his new book, says Marcus: "That's just the tip of the iceberg.  I've made enough mistakes to fill a few sequels."  All the same, as he's learned all too well, "There's never a bad time for a good business." 

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