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On THE JANUS ADAMS SHOW, a repeat broadcast of our Independence Day weekend public radio #PledgeWeek special:

#WeThePeople in order to form a more perfect union, Move To Amend the Constitution of the United States.  A discussion of the proposed 28th Amendment with our guest, co-convenor of MoveToAmend.org, Leesa "George" Friday.

Leesa "George" Friday is a founding member of MoveToAmend.org. A National Field Organizer for the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and Coordinator for the Independent Progressive Politics Network, she co-chairs the Green Party’s Black and Women’s caucuses, and the North Carolina Green Party.  George has served on the steering committees for FairVote, the Grassroots Policy Project,  the Institute for Southern Studies, American Friends Service Committee, United for Peace and Justice, the US Social Forum National Planning Committee, and Move to Amend. 

She holds degrees in Political Science, Economics, and African American Studies from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.


Facebook: @Move2Amend
Twitter: @MoveToAmend


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Declaration of Independence

Move To Amend: Timeline of Personhood Rights and Powers

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Marquette University Law Review:
Boden Lecture: The Real Problem With Citizens United: Campaign Finance, Dark Money, and Shadow Parties 

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