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Live from the Susan B. Anthony Home and Museum

This week on THE JANUS ADAMS SHOW—in honor of the first Women’s Rights Convention, July 19-20, 1848—we’re at the Susan B. Anthony Home and Museum in Rochester, NY.  The timing couldn't be better.  As the country reels from assaults on women's rights and former President Trump's racist remarks against four congresswomen, telling them to "go back where they came from," we're going back to the roots of the modern women's rights movement and the fight for women's suffrage in America.  It's a trip filled with surprises.

Surprise #1: Anthony, the woman who would become the most visible 19th c. women’s rights activist lived just miles away from the Seneca Falls convention site but didn’t attend the event.  Why? 

Surprise #2: The most outspoken feminist at the convention was a man—Frederick Douglass—self-emancipated ex-slave, Underground Railroad conductor, abolitionist, publisher, Human Rights champion!

Surprise #3: Did Susan B. Anthony really speak about “going back” with words for her day so timely for ours? Deborah L. Hughes, President of the Anthony Home, makes the connection.

And there’s much more as we tour her home and the amazing history for which it stands.

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Susan B. Anthony Home and Museum

Women’s Rights National Historical Park
Declaration of Sentiments
Frederick Douglass on Women's Rights & Suffrage

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