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The American Sustainable Business Council has produced a new report: "Creating An Economic System That Works for All."  What's surprising about it isn't that it talks about business or buyouts, economics and the environment--especially in the wake of COVID--but because it's opening line is unequivocal:"There is no going back."  Among its talking points: reparations, universal basic income. universal Pre-K.  Really?!  


Jeffrey Hollender, CEO & Chief Inspired Protagonist, ASBC

MaryAnne Howland, Chair, Race & Equity Working Group, ASBC 

American Sustainable Business Council
ABSC Report: "Creating an Economic System That Works for All"
Jeffrey Hollender
MaryAnne Howland: Ibis Communications, Jedi Collaborative

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RETHINKING THE TERMS OF BUSINESS with guests: Jeffrey Hollender and MaryAnne Howland