“The New York City Housing Authority, which manages public housing in the city, has been so systematically starved of funding that it’s been thrown into a state of fiscal desperation,” says NYC City Councilman Ritchie Torres.  At 31, this rising star is the city’s youngest elected official.  His passion: making the city work for those who keep it running—affordable housing. 

In a cautionary tale symbolic of the nation’s misplaced priorities, says Torres, “The leadership of NYCHA feels that it has been left with no choice than to lease out public lands for private development in a desperate attempt at generating revenue for repairs.  So, New York City is going to have market-rate luxury development standing right beside dilapidated public housing.  What message does it say to the world that New York City is erecting a visual ‘Tale of Two Cities?’ “What psychological impact will it have on tenants who will see luxury towers constructed while their own homes are crumbling in disrepair?”

On the show this week: affordable housing, cashless business, ‘communities unbanked,’ and, oh yes, #Black (All) Lives DO Matter!

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Ritchie Torres: A Tale of Two Cities

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