Author, Educational consultant, Daughter of baseball great and Civil Rights movement icon, Jackie Robinson; SHARON ROBINSON is also the  creator of Breaking Barriers: In Sports, In Life -- a baseball-themed character education curriculum and national essay contest that empowers students to face obstacles in their lives. Since 1997 the program has reached over 22 million students and 2.9 million educators.  Now, after helping millions of children find their voices, she writes about the year she found her voice as a 13-year-old girl in her latest book, CHILD OF THE DREAM: A Memoir of 1963.  Joining us for this extraordinary extended interview, she speaks about the year that changed her life -- and a nation. 

Breaking Barriers: In Sports, In Life
​Dr. King and the Birmingham Campaign of 1963
Dr. King: "Letter From a Birmingham City Jail"  1963

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