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Luchina Fisher

Kevin Dawson

Queen Collective

TEAM DREAM, the film

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This special episode of "The Janus Adams Show" features TEAM DREAM—a documentary film short about two elite swimmers (Ann Smith, 82, and Madeline Murphy Rabb, 76) and their journey to the National Senior Games.  A serious contender in the run-up to awards season, this little star of a film flares with unexpected brilliance—capturing imaginations and challenging long-standing assumptions about Black people, swimming, history, current realities, the surprising facts of life (and death), and joy—“Black joy.” 

The film TEAM DREAM was made possible by the Queen Collective—an initiative begun by executive producer Queen Latifah and Procter & Gamble—to create opportunities for women filmmakers of color to tell their stories by providing access to mentorship, production support, and distribution.

Guests: Luchina Fisher, Ann Smith, Madeline Murphy Rabb, Kevin Dawson.