This week on THE JANUS ADAMS SHOW - in this Women's History Month - we pay tribute to International Women's Day (March 8).

Looking back on the extraordinary phenomenon of the Women's March and charting routes forward, this episode revives the spirit of the unprecedented Women’s March on Washington (21 January 2017) that overtook more than 600 cities in 60 countries across every continent.  The show features speeches by human rights activist-icons Gloria Steinem and Angela Davis; and three women who made pilgrimage to the March from Boston, New York City, and Oakland (CA): Dawn Hayes, Melanie Freeman, and Errin Mixon. 

Special thanks is due Errin Mixon for her interviews with marchers in Washington, DC -- and for sharing her poignant letter to her soon-to-be-stepdaughters.  For its information, insights, and inspiration, it's extraordinary.  We think you'll agree.  Errin -- a San Francisco-based travel specialist -- is a featured soloist at the world-renowned Glide Memorial Church.

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An International Women's Day Tribute

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