​​“How do you take the knowledge that we produce in the academy and translate it for the general public?  Janus undertook that project. She designed a game that she called “Advancing Public Knowledge: Get-in-the-Game.”  To me, it illustrates her visionary aspects, her ability to think outside the box; her creativity.”

~ Irma McClaurin, PhD
Anthropologist, Author, Scholar
Former President, Shaw University
Program Officer, The Ford Foundation


Daily Schedule  

10:00 am ET       Welcome, Introductions & Orientation
11:00 am ET       Discussion theme with Q&A: “What’s your ‘Question’?”  (Day 1)
12:00 pm ET       Writing session
  1:00 pm ET       Lunch – breakout session
  2:00 pm ET       Author readings and feedback
  4:00 pm ET       Special training sessions

  5:00 pm ET       Closing notes & assignment
  5:15 pm ET       Virtual Community Social with breakout groups​​​​

​​Thanks Janus for your wonderful feedback. It was exactly what I needed to hear about this particular piece and the overall goal of how I should present myself. That was actually at issue during the writing of this piece and I wasn't sure about it for all the reasons you pointed out so gently.

~ MR


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  • 90-minute group coaching LIVE Q&A


Thank you so much for this morning's session!  So many good ideas, interesting, inspired insights, and lively banter made for a magical morning for me!  Do you remember the very first time you heard your favorite Beatles song?  The very first time you gazed upon a painting by your favorite artist in person, at a museum?  That's the way I felt this morning after the conclusion of our call.  Filled with excitement, and anticipation of good things to come!  Thank you for giving me such a gift!
P.S.: I've attached my favorite Beatles song, "Penny Lane." 

~ JJ



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Welcome to the Writers' Retreat in the Catskills 2024. 

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​An Emmy Award-winning journalist, historian, and playwright, Janus Adams is the author of eleven books for adult and 'tween readers. Her book, GLORY DAYS: 365 Inspired Moments in African American History, published by HarperCollins, was licensed by McDonald's for its Black History Month campaigns; reaching more than 3.1 million readers.  Her Glory Days-in-Concert, based on the book, premiered on Nashville’s Music Square for Warner Music Group. A recent social media video post went viral with more than 2 million views; increasing her following across 4 platforms. Host of public radio's The Janus Adams Show and podcast.  Major media outlets that have featured her work include: ABC, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, NBC, NPR. PBS; Black Enterprise, Chicago Tribune, Essence, Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper, Ms., New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today and the Washington Post.  Founder of Harambee, the first national book club for African American literature, she changed the publishing landscape for writers, readers, and publishers. To the Retreat, she brings a wealth of experience and a passion for storytelling. 

​​“Janus Adams is a unicorn of a writer and editor, and anyone who has the good fortune to have her as a writing coach should count their lucky stars.  She is thoughtful, creative and deeply insightful.  She possesses wide-ranging skills and knowledge, and she is both practical and visionary.  She listens like no one else I know.  Janus has served as a journalist mentor-editor in my organization, The OpEd Project, for over a dozen years, and countless writers are the better for it.  I have been grateful for her wisdom and words on so many occasions, myself.  And lastly – I am lucky to call her a dear friend.”

~ Catherine "Katie" Orenstein
Founder, The OpEd Project

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​​"There is no greater agony than

bearing an untold story inside you."

~ Maya Angelou

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  • Book Proposal training with Q&A 
  • Media training  
  • Group mock-interview  
  • 3 Post-Retreat follow-up LIVE Q&As ​​
  • 5-day themed writing workshop 

  • Book proposal training with LIVE Q&A

  • Book marketing training with LIVE Q&A 

  • ​Media training with group mock-interview and feedback

  • Post-Retreat Live follow-up Q&As: 

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