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In 1998 and 1999, McDonald’s Corporation licensed Adams’ book, GLORY DAYS: 365 Inspired Moments in African American History (HarperCollins) for its “McDonald’s Presents Glory Days” campaign. A New York City-wide essay contest asked students to write about a “Glory Day” in their lives.  An award ceremony, attended by then School Superintendent Rudy Crew, was held at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.  Winners joined Janus Adams for a public reading at Barnes & Noble's Rockefeller Center store.  The RAISED BY DR. KING essay contest builds on that campaign's success for a new generation of students.


We all know what’s happening.  Families being ripped apart.  Children in cages.  What kind of impact is this having on every child?  What must they think of us? 

Now—when some would "take America back" to an unacceptable time—RAISED BY DR. KING mines the lessons and legacies of the Civil Rights Movement; helping families and communities of conscience nurture today's children through these troubling times.  The mission: to inform, inspire, engage, and empower children for the sake of their humanity and their success.

A northern school desegregation pioneer, Janus Adams was ten when she was introduced to Dr. King at New York’s Riverside Church... READ THE FULL SUMMARY 

From a touching encounter with Dr. Martin Luther King when she was ten years old, his selfless commitment to human rights, and the majesty of his vision, "I was passionate about his message," says Janus Adams. And, when, at the 1963 March on Washington, he reached his hand out over the crowd, invoking his Dream, "I felt myself levitate . . . soar.  I knew I'd been RAISED BY DR. KING."  

With RAISED BY DR. KING, Janus Adams confronts today's challenges and speaks to the heartbreaking questions parents and communities are facing in these troubled "take back America" times. 

How will they and their children survive the resurgence of racism contorting American society?  How, indeed, did she confront the brutal intractable violence of racism and sexism; achieving a life of "firsts" in education, business, broadcasting, and the arts? 

How I got over, the hymn is sung.  My soul looks back in wonder, how I got over.

She did it by drawing on Dr. King's validation, the inspiration of family elders, the wisdom of a close-knit Caribbean immigrant community, the lessons and legacies of the Civil Rights Movement, and the capacity of history to inform, inspire, empower, and to heal.

From this collective enduring wealth comes her "10 Steps to Raising Positive Children In Negative Times" – an urgent message of hope. 

How we got over 
My soul looks back in wonder
How we got over.


To RAISED BY DR. KING, Adams brings her experience as:

  • one of the four elementary school children chosen to end de facto segregation in New York (paving the way for northern school desegregation)
  • recipient of the nation’s first graduate degree in Black Studies (paving the way for Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies at the college level)
  • founder of BackPax, children’s history/adventure-based audio-journeys, books, board games, curricula, parents' and teachers' guides 
  • founder of Harambee (the first national book club for African American literature and culture)
  • author of 11 books including Freedom Days, a history of the Civil Rights Movement 
  • grandmother of four (including a 5th grader in public school)



Community-based “listening sessions” and school visits, in-person, via Facebook chats, and SKYPE. 

A national speaking and listening tour is planned for Winter/Spring 2020 in cooperation with museums, historic sites, and libraries with existing RAISED BY DR. KING theme-related collections and exhibits.  Special events include parent, homeschool, and teacher-trainingworkshops with companion curriculum guides.


A Janus Adams "History & Healing™" campaign to nurture positive children through negative times


An Emmy Award-winning journalist, Adams is host of public radio’s The Janus Adams Show and podcast.  Building on the success of the radio series, now in its fourth year, her television show is currently in development for PBS with national distribution via WGBH’s The World Channel.  RAISED BY DR. KING specials are planned for both the radio and television shows.