Janus Adams

Host & Co-Producer

Emmy Award-winning journalist, former NPR National Arts Correspondent, network news commentator, talk show host and producer for radio and television; author, historian, syndicated columnist.  Pioneer of issue-oriented African-American and women’s programming,

Engaged by history and culture since childhood, from the age of 3 she was raised to be a concert pianist.  At 8, she was one of four New York City "test children" chosen to lead the way on northern school desegregation.

Adams is host and co-executive producer of public radio’s “The Janus Adams Show” and podcast. 

​​Breaking news before the headlines,
mining uncomfortable conversations,
working our questions backwards.

Celebrating what makes us whole,

confronting the past and its legacies,
conjuring brave new worlds.

Each week’s episode is a step on the journey from history to healing.​

​​The Janus Adams Show
is about race—every race—and courage

Matt Mixon


Media executive with extensive experience in television production, broadcast network and affiliate development.  Launch Team Member, Soul of The South Television—an African American-owned network.  Director of Affiliate Relations, he worked with CBS Television Network stations to develop sales and promotion for a 27 city-territory.  WFSB-TV3 Hartford, CT Post-Newsweek Television Stations.

An avid photographer and filmmaker, during his career Matt has produced or managed numerous award-winning television programs.  He is a multiple Emmy Award winner for one national and several regional shows.


Building on the success of the radio show and podcast, The Janus Adams Show comes to television as a weekly one-hour multiplatform series about race and courage.  It's about the past, current events, and our collective future. It's about ‘history and healing’™.

In interviews across demographic minefields, “Janus Adams” brings viewers the voices of public figures we want to know more about and everyday people from whom we hear too little.  Voices with interesting ideas and varied perspectives—sometimes difficult and disturbing; always thoughtful and reasoned—we simply need to hear. 

Tailored to the WORLD audience, we go to the world: our “bureaus” are a global network of journalists in independent African- Asian- Euro- Latino- Native-American and Women’s media; non-major market outlets; alternative presses.

Think: On Being, SuperSoul Sunday, This American Life, The PBS NewsHour and 60 Minutes meet Frederick Douglass’ authentic witness, Harriet Tubman’s selfless courage, Abigail Adams’ pen, Awashonks’ diplomacy, Maya Lin’s vision, Bryan Stephenson’s truth, and Malala Yousafzai’s transcendence.

We are the WORLD.


One-hour weekly multiplatform series:  

  • Interviews: in-depth profiles and magazine-format segments, viewer “postcards” and SKYPE chats

  • Feature segment packages: for distribution as a web series via social media

  • Documentary specials


WORLD audience; 35-54 demographic     

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