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This week: two men, fathers both, speak of the legacies passed to them and the gifts they now pass on.  

MATT MIXON – city-born and bred broadcast executive, filmmaker, and co-producer of “The Janus Adams Show.” Recalling childhood summers on the family farm, Matt thinks back on the lives of his elders in rural Mississippi -- in particular, his father and his father's fathers; reminding us of the power of remembrance on identity and a life-affirming sense of self. 

NEYOOXET GREYMORNING, PhD – Professor of Anthropology and Native American Studies.  Son of the Arapaho Nation, he shares stories of the golden eagle and of ripples made by a pebble cast upon the waters: “Nothing is so small that it’s not capable of putting something much greater than itself in motion.”

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Tags: African American, Native American, Arapaho, golden eagle, fathers, sons, elders, Mississippi, anthropology, Matt Mixon, Neyooxet Greymorning

Music heard on this week's show: 

Odetta, "Paths of Victory"

Les McCann & Harris, "Compared to What" 

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