A man of Dutch ancestry, who dates the history of his family in America to 1665, is researching his family history.  He happens upon a name, Charles Osterhout, and then "The Osterhouts"-- a photo by a lion of the Harlem Renaissance: James Van Der Zee.  These Osterhouts are Black.  He’s White. What?  Who?  Wow!

This week on The Janus Adams Show, "Who Did the Shirt on the Line Belong To?"-- an adventure into family, photography, and a history of America we rarely hear -- with our guest, conceptual artist, writer, family ancestry researcher, bearer of amazing surprises: Mike Osterhout

For this special #COVID19 #StayingHome edition of the show, the sound is a little off, but the message is clear: Everyone has a story to tell, but some are more complex, interesting, and profound, than others.

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Guest: Mike Osterhout

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