The Jerry Rescue Monument (Syracuse, NY)

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AMERICAN SANCTUARY: A Path Through History in Waterloo, New York 

Walter Gable, Seneca County Historian

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Where do human rights activism and patriotism meet? 

In 19th century America, that place was Waterloo, New York. For this special edition of "The Janus Adams Show," Seneca County Historian Walter Gable is our guest and guide on a “Path Through History.” 

And, 150 years later why should be care?  Because this small upstate New York town has the distinction of being:  

  • the birthplace of Memorial Day.;
  • site of the home where five ladies came for tea and left with a strategy to change their world—and ours.  Days later, their “call to action” became the first Women’s Rights Convention (1848) in nearby Seneca Falls, NY.  The house and convention site are now national historic landmarks.
  • a 19th century Sanctuary City in which African American freedom-seekers—fleeing oppression in the south and the north—found welcome and respect.

It’s really quite a story as you’ll hear on this week’s show and podcast. 

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Walter Gable, Office of the Seneca County Historian 

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McClintock House (National Park Service) 

Daughters of Freedom and other Women's Suffrage Songs (Library of Congress)


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