There is a health crisis in America.  This week, we celebrate Mother’s Day with GirlTrek—the largest national public health nonprofit and movement for Black women and girls; sponsors of “Harriet’s Great Escape.”

“Harriet Tubman saved her own life first and then went back time after time to save the lives of others giving us the blueprint for the work GirlTrek does today,” says GirlTrek cofounder, T. Morgan Dixon. Inspired by Harriet Tubman, Girl Trek’s national team digs deep.  In March, all 10 women walked 100 miles in 5 days; following the route to freedom first taken by the legendary Underground Railroad conductor.  Talking the talk, walking the walk, valuing their own lives and others, GirlTrek is now set to reach 1 million Black women by 2020.  Their message: self-liberation with “radical self-care at its core.”

“We've seen, throughout history—from Harriet Tubman to the Civil Rights Movement—that change can happen whenever people get together and walk,” says Sandria M. Washington.  She’s GirlTrek’s Chief of External Relations and our special guest on the show.  #WeAreHarriet 

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College friends since 1996, T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison co-founded GirlTrek in 2010.  Here they are on the TEDTalk stage bringing home the message: "The trauma of systematic racism is killing Black women.  A first step toward change..."

And, about that "fabulous fluffy pink tutu" mentioned on the show. CORRECTION" It was fabulous, it was fluffy, it was a tutu, but it was blue - serious GirlTrek blue!  Below: photos from GirlTrek's "Harriet Great Escape."  You can join the GirlTrek movement, too:   

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