MAY 9 – JUNE 22, 2021

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“Janus Adams’ books are vitamins for the soul.”
—Nick Taliaferro, Talk Show Host

“A book to be handed down—just like a family Bible—to be read by family member after family member, generation after generation.”
—Hattie Winston, Actor

“Janus Adams dazzles us with her poetic and inspirational interpretation of a critical juncture in our nation’s history.”
—Sharon Robinson, Author and Educator

 "This book offers answers for people meeting challenges.  The challenges that face us today are not new.  We look back to see how our forebears met these challenges and we know how to make it through."
—R. Steven Norman III, Archivist and Pastor, Seventh Day Adventist Church

"Embracing all the days of our lives, each page recounts a happening—concisely and in context.  Study up on history and be encouraged by past glories, daring actions and events that changed the way we live."
—Tonya Bolden, YSB

"Adams' inventiveness and keen imagination are remarkable in presenting what otherwise might be termed "dry" historical information.  There is no way one can put this book down, once having started searching for personal connections to "our" days and months.  Where in the world did Adams get the idea that something as ordinary as an index could be such a tool of empowerment?"
—Carol Taylor, New York City Sun

 “I’ve added [Addams' book] to my morning ritual of inspirational reading.”
—Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Very poignant.  Everyone should have special days in his or her life.  And it's important that we share those with each other.  And, of course, the writing is beautiful.”
—Nicki Brown, Bank President

"Whether read as history or practical inspiration, the stories of bravery, intelligence, and fortitude she reveals give a unique road map to rediscovering sister power."
—The New American

"A collection of moving stories that celebrate the lives of Black women who have overcome the many obstacles in their paths to pursue their dreams."
—African Sun Times

“You learn something new every day. It just goes to show you’re never too old to learn about our past. That just made me feel good all over.”
—Audience member. Name withheld 

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​Throughout history, African American women have tapped hidden sources of strength and inspiration to conquer impossible odds.  We have persevered through dangerous times.  We have nurtured families, loved knowledge, and pursued dreams as various and different as the women who dreamed them.  Along the way, we have forged new identities, fought for human rights, and made history.​

Now Janus Adams offers you a daily invitation to share in this life-affirming legacy.  In these pages, you will discover famous and unsung sisters who have contributed to our strength.  Each has a new story to tell, and each day is a new opportunity to appreciate their precious gifts of motivation and compassion.  Here are 365 uplifting meditations on courage, daring, and resistance that bring us valuable reminders of how real women in real times—from Harriet Tubman, to aviator Bessie Coleman, Wild West legend “Stagecoach Mary,” and world-renowned writer Maya Angelou—created a better way of life for themselves and a better world for others.

In reading their stories, we ensure that these women live on—as shining beacons to light our own quests for happier, more fulfilled lives.

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